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How to choose quality security screen windows and screen doors?

Jun. 19, 2018

Nowadays, an increasingly growing number of people in modern society are inclined to pursue superior quality of their life due to gradually increasing average disposible income, especially higher requirements to home decoration. Stainless steel anti-theft screen windows are designed to cater to the higher requirements to quality of people's life. The launch of anti-theft screen window could not only meet segmental demands for top class interior household decoration but also could keep mosquito and fly away from your home.

Hence, how to choose quality screen windows become a significant issue to home decoration. We would like to introduce the following methods when choosing superior screen windows.

● Appearance

Quality stainless steel anti-theft screen window should be featured by tough textile, good waving wire diameter, abundant mesh aperture, uniform mesh holes.

● Powder coating on surface

The surface of window screen should be bright appearance, uniform coloring and strong tinting strength.

● Raw material

The raw material of window screen could be SUS 201, SUS304, SUS 316. The most effective way to distinguish SUS201 and SUS304 is solvent test by concentrated sulfuric acid after peeling the outer cover, the wire should be dipped into the solvent for about half an hour, it is SUS 201 if tiny groove appears on the surface, it is SUS 304 or SUS 316 if nothing appears on the surface.

● Wire diameter

Most of screen window suppliers reduce wire diameters in order to cut production costs, which is unable to meet customers' requirements. Although we could not distinguish wire diameter by eyes, but products could be known as unqualified after being weighed.

● Product brand

The screen window market is extremely chaotic, some factories started to build its brands, the specification and quality could be completely guaranteed.

How to choose quality security screen windows and screen doors?     How to choose quality security screen windows and screen doors?

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