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Doors and Windows types

Jun. 19, 2018

Doors and Windows can be divided into:

1. picture window 

2. casement window

3. Harizontal/vertical sliding window

4. Awning window

5. Folding window

6. Tilt & turn window


Category of windows and doors

Nowadays, there are numerous types of windows and doors for households to choose from, windows and doors can be diversified by frame materials and fenestration. According to profile materials, windows can be classified into wood window, aluminium window, alu-wood window, plastic window. According to fenestration, windows can be classified into picture window, casement window, horizontal/vertical sliding window, awning window, folding window, tilt&turn window.

Doors and Windows types

● Picture window

Picture window is without sash and can not be open since glass is inserted in the frame, picture window is mainly used for sightseeing and light transmission. The dimension of glass installed could be larger due to fixed window sashes.

Doors and Windows types

● Casement window

Casement window is the broadly applied window at present, including inward open window and outward open window. Inward open window could be easily cleaned but more indoor space is occupied, the rain could easily get into the room if unsuitable installation occurs. Outward open window could have excellent water proof performance without any room space occupied, but the problem is that outward open window could be probably damaged when strong wind occurs.

Doors and Windows types

● Horizontal/Vertical sliding window

Sliding window has its advantage which have no effects on room space, the dimension of glasses could be enlarged in order to obtain more daylighting area, but the disadvantage is that it has small ventilation field since sliding window could be partially open. At present, aluminium window and plastic window are broadly applied in home decoration.

Doors and Windows types

● Awning window

Awning window is designed by applying hinges or gemels on the windows, window could be open by pushing inward or outward, this type of fenestration is developed based upon casement window, strangers are unable to enter the room due to 10cm opening width, which could not only occupy less space and keep house safe, its disadvantage is the ventilation performance is not good due to tiny opening width.

Doors and Windows types

● Folding window

Folding window should be operated by firstly opening each open units among glass windows, and then push sashes from inside to outside, pull handles of folding sashes and fold all of them to achieve complete opening. Folding window can be broadly used in bathroom, toilet, workshop, garage, shopping mall and office buildings, which is featured by elegant appearance, unique design, various colors, easy to use, less space occupying. But its disadvantage is that it requires high requirements to installation with numerous hardwares, children could probably get hurts when they are touching folding windows.

Doors and Windows types

● Tilt & turn window

Tilt and turn window could be inward horizontal open and inward vertical open by operating handles hardware on windows, it is featured by good ventilation, superior safety, eay to clean, less space occupying, excellent sealing and heat maintance performance.