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The 23rd National Aluminum Door and Window Curtain Wall New Product Expo Successfully Ended in 2017

May. 01, 2017

Each expo is a feast for the aluminum door, window and curtain wall industry. It has created countless precious business opportunities for exhibitors at home and abroad, and has won wide acclaim and recognition from domestic and foreign architectural façade related industry professionals. Every March, there are many well-known domestic and foreign companies from the door and window curtain wall, aluminum profiles, glass processing, building sealants, hardware accessories and other industries.

As a high-end brand of Stainless steel security window screens, Hebei Xusen participated in this grand event and achieved great success. It has reached a cooperation intention with many domestic and foreign customers, laying a good foundation for exploring domestic and international markets.


Founded in 1998, Hebei Xusen Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. has designed and perfected the company's strategic planning, market positioning and product positioning based on a global perspective, and is committed to marketing, manufacturing, research and development. The modern high-end window screening enterprises integrating customization, service and logistics have developed into professional manufacturers and professional customizers for high-end window screens at home and abroad.

At present, Xusen's leading products include two series: metal screen series and non-metal screen series. Among them, metal screen series products include: stainless steel security window screen (Blu-ray anti-counterfeiting double insurance), stainless steel screen, aluminum window screen, low carbon steel screen, etc. Non-metallic window screen series products include: fiberglass window screens, synthetic fiber screens (polyethylene, polyester, nylon screens, etc.), of which the Blu-ray anti-counterfeiting double insurance series of stainless steel security window screens use a number of high-tech technology, the industry's first quality insurance and Blu-ray anti-counterfeiting, filling the domestic blank.